søndag, januar 13, 2008

12 of 12

Susan mindede mig (og resten af Lifetime) om, at det var tid til månedens 12 of 12, og jeg fik faktisk taget 12 billeder i går. Hvis du ikke kender 12 of 12, så har Chad Darnell fundet på, at man tager 12 billeder, hver gang det bliver den 12. i en måned. Det er en sjov idé - især hvis man husker at deltage... Er der nogen af jer, der er med?

An in honour of Susan; here's a little English text ;o) I actually remembered 12 of 12 this month even if the pics aren't spread out over the entire day but more compacted. Here we go:

A pic of the gift box I made for a friend.

This is my date-pic. This time the pic shows our phone in
a somewhat exotic environment for a phone.

I've been making a few cards
and the gift box and this is how my room ended up...

Øresund looked terribly dark.

So, this is me with Kronborg Castle in the background.

And we just turned around and look at how dark it is.
Loved all the fishing rods lined up.

This lighthouse sure makes sure
it is visible...

The bridge leading into the castle.

Love that two kings felt the needed to
add their monograms to the entrance.
The sign reads June 2 1806 - K was born 172 years later.

K looking somewhat like Luther.

K retrieving a geocache.

Those were my 12 pics for January 2008.

6 kommentarer:

Dogeared sagde ...

Our day started off bright and sunny but by afternoon, it was grey and miserable weather, as yours seemed. Makes you want to just huddle up inside, doesn't it?

Helen (Dogeared)

Scooter sagde ...

Fun pix!!! Looks chilly. How cold is it???

Hibe sagde ...

Hello Cecille,
This is Hibe (aka Gary). I’m participating in the 12 of 12 challenge also. I have included in my 12 of 12 homepage a link to the page you listed with Chad. If this is not permissible with you, please email me Hibe@rcn.com or drop a comment at http://hibes12of12.blogspot.com/ . Please feel free to post my link if you wish.

Geochache... I've heard of that. Sounds like fun. What did you get? I did look a bit cold yesterday.

beth sagde ...

Awesome pictures! :)

Zippy sagde ...

Makes me want to go to the ocean. I like that the lighthouse is bright neon.

Susan sagde ...

great photos!!! LOVE to see your smiling face!!