fredag, september 29, 2006


Thought I'd post this LO too even though it is and older one. It is of dear friends at their wedding last summer.

Weddings are always wonderful and this was no exception. Ljud and Kenneth let us celebrate their love with them at a beautiful wedding ceremoni and a great party.

mandag, september 18, 2006

Zoo - the wildest place in town

An LO made from a Becky Fleck sketch. Pics are from Copenhagen Zoo and it is my DH who have mastered the art of capturing these pics.

Free range lemour

Getting up close and personal with these amazing creatures. DH managed to catch some great pics of the animals.

Winter Warmth

I simply love this pic of me and my uncle. It has such amazing warmth although we are clad for winter. The LO is done from a Becky Fleck sketch

The small grandiose details

Pics from Freiburg in Germany. I loved the way even the road signs were highly decorated in Freiburg - which is a fantastic and beautiful town.


Pics from Heidelberg in Germany. Let me just say: I love both clear stamps (here I've used both Rhonna Farrer and Tecnique Tuesday) and the TT tiles.

Trompe L'oeil

An absolutely beautiful Trompe L'oeil in the French town Colmar. I had to try and capture the beauty on camera.

Getting caught up

So I've actually been doing a lot of scrapbooking over the summer and I thought I'd uploade at least some of all of those pages. I think the very hot weather we've had this summer has played a central role in my scrapping so much - it has simply been cooler in the appartement than outside.

Starting over

So I've tried doing a blog before but it didn't seem to take off for me. But here we go again. I'll do the blog in English since I have joined a great community of American scrappers at and I want to make sure that they can understand what I write here - should they decide to visit.

Please feel free to comment on everything on this page ;o)