tirsdag, februar 12, 2008

12 of 12 February

So here we go for my 12 of 12 for February. I guess an average Tuesday in the life of a full-time student isn't all that exotic but it is a good life!

First things first - I check what's new on Lifetime Moments to get the day started.

This month my date picture shows my updated scrap accountability blog.

Folding laundry - such a treat!

The gorgeous tulips K gave me on Friday.

Some light reading for my university class.

My little cute jelly belly sitting on the fridge making me smile.

The orange for my lunch.

This would be me checking to see if the postman might be on his way with a package.

The view out the front of my car window while stopped at a red light.

The car radio playing my favorite station.

This would be me waiting to pick my mother up at her work place.

16 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

Fedt lilla lys i billedet af tulipanerne - og skægge billeder fra bilen :-)

Anonym sagde ...

You are a top photogropher!


netti sagde ...

Fed idé med at dokumentere en dato. Her hjemme hedder vasketøjet "the never ending story" GG

Poun sagde ...

Loved your pics !
Especially the Tulips and the orange ! beautiful !!

Anonym sagde ...

Those tulips are gorgeous! Great pics!

Anonym sagde ...

Gorgeous pictures!!
That one of the orange makes me drool, just a teensy bit! hehehe
Thanks for sharing your day! :)


Stine66 sagde ...

Sød ide - jeg ledte igår på lifetime men kunne ikke finde den udfordring. Sjovt at se din version .

Dogeared sagde ...

That photo of the orange is gorgeous, and my favourite.

Argh, there was something else I wanted to say... Oh! Your Uni book (Disease in the Modern World) sounds interesting to me at least! In GCSE History (GCSE is the exam level for 15-16 yr olds in the UK), I did a module on Medicine throughout History - things like the Ancient Romans and Greeks, Pasteur, Sulphonamide 666 (the magic bullet), the discovery of pennicillin, Vesaelius, transplants... I found it fascinating!

Lisa B sagde ...

Lovely photos, the tulips are beautiful and the orange.

Lipp sagde ...

A knife peeled orange...now that is fancy!

Susan sagde ...

aaaaah!!! is it self-centered of me to think that you think of me when you see that Jelly Belly magnet?!?!? your day sounded wonderful (minus the laundry folding! lol!)

Elaine sagde ...

What a gorgeous tulip!!

Jason sagde ...

I think I may need to grab an orange after seeing that pic!

Tulips are beautiful :)

Scooter sagde ...

I really enjoyed your post. The tulips were gorgeous and that orange was almost sensual!

Sarah sagde ...

Fine billeder. Det er sjovt at med billeder fra en hel dag (også selvom der ikke sker det helt vilde).
Glædr mig til næste gang det bliver den 12. :O)

Zippy sagde ...

Beautiful pics!! I love the laundry colors and the tulips. Oh, and the orange is awesome. I may have to go eat one now.