mandag, august 13, 2007

12 of 12

It has been the 12th again and that means 12 of 12. Still think it is a great idea, Chad.

First pic this 12 of 12 is my newly "revamped" balcony.
My flowers had dies during July and early august,
so I bought new ones and pumped a little life back into the balcony.

Grandfather Hans-Jørgen with the newly baptised Asger
in front of Asminderød Kirke.

This must be what is called "meta-photography".

Louise in her beautifully designed garden.

Katja, Anders, Asger and Emilie.
Don't know where Anna went.

Aunt Jane holding Asger.

Katja and Anders opening the many gifts.

Asger playing with the strap for the kamera.

Kristian's big finger and Asger's little foot.

Emilie measuring Anna's and Asger's feet against one another.

The cake that Louise made with a variation of chipboard ;o)

The invitation for the baptism to show the date.

This month's bonus picture with the keyword "light"
- I loved how the light played on Asger's features.

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

Sikke nogle fine billeder, dem vil jeg meget gerne have en kopi af;)

Det er en sjov ide med 12 billeder d. 12.

beth sagde ...

Nice pictures! Such adorable babies! :)

Susan sagde ...

beautiful pictures! I love the one with K's finger and A's hand! I love seeing Louise and her garden! soooo much work!

Kristian Thy sagde ...

Susan, they may look like chimps at that tender age - but that's his foot, not his hand :o)