tirsdag, maj 29, 2007

Hi Susan - a post in English

Just thought I'd wave at Susan who posted a comment here yesterday by writing this post in English ;o) I do think learning Danish would be better for you than using a translating site I must admit. But I love that you come by for a visit once in a while.

Whit Monday was a day of cleaning and relaxing on Tagensvej. We got the bedroom cleared finally, and now it seems so large. At one point we are going to (re)decorate but it won't be this summer because of essays to be written and trips to be undertaken. But a clean room is second best in this case.

While Kristian slept on the sofa I did a few cards for the upcoming birthday season. This first one has no owner yet and the others I cannot show since they do have owners and I wouldn't want them to come here and see there own cards before they receive them for their birthdays.

Today no scrapping will happen here since I will be working on my Benjamin Franklin essay; on Friday I finally received the biography I needed and I will be reading that today.

Edited to add: I just got a package from Lifetime and since I have already written 2½ pages of raw text today I am taking a mid-day scrapbooking break. Hopefully I will be able to show a layout later and then return to my essay-writing.

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Susan sagde ...

tee hee hee! sure thing! in my free time I will learn Danish! lol!!
I love that you aren't getting something done because there are "papers to be written and trips to be taken." SUCH a good attitude!
I love that card! I realized as I was falling asleep or waking up that you had used the KI little metal letters on there....