søndag, juli 29, 2007

12 of 12 July

Posting my first set of pictures for 12 of 12 - and I will comment in English since the project originally is American. And even though it is a long time since July 12th; here the pics are:

Kristian signing our names to a geocache in Liechtenstein
- it was well hidden but we were successfull at last.
There's a light at the end of the tunnel
- and we sure went through a lot of tunnels.
One of them took us 15-20 minutes to pass through!
A spectacular view of an Austrian valley.

The view from where we believed the cache to be.

Kristian walking beneath the actual cache-spot
- in Austria.

Mussolini's drowned tower
- it is situated beautifully.

Me and the tower.

Kristian with the third cache of the day
- this one in Italy.

And old church tower

We keep being amazed at the things people bring on vacation
this family had 4 bikes and a CAR along with their mobil home.

Scrapbooking in Bolzano, Italy

The parket ticket showing the date.

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